5 Naughtiest Things Pets Do During The Holidays

Tis the season for holiday celebrations and let’s be honest sometimes Fido is not on his best behavior with so much excitement happening around him.  A list of things can go wrong whether it be worrying about Fido and his furry companions knocking over your Christmas tree or running off with your holiday turkey like the famous Christmas Story scene. Maybe you are scratching your head and could of sworn you had more ornaments on your tree but soon discover your cat batting them around the house. We looked into it and these are some of the top 5 naughtiest things pets do during the holidays.

  1. Knock down decorations
  2. Pull down the Christmas tree
  3. Eat decorations
  4. Urinate on the Christmas tree
  5. Eat the turkey and other parts of dinner

Some helpful tips for this holiday season

1. Before a family gathering take your dog out for a long walk or high energy activity so your dog can burn off energy and be more relaxed around guests.

2. Communicate with guests to please not share food with your pets. Keep an eye on your pets or have them stay in a designated area in your house while drinks, appetizers, and dinner are being served.

3. If you are not sure what the ingredients are in something do not feed it to your pet.

4. Small amounts are best, don’t over do it on treats.

We hope you have a safe holiday season with your furry best friend. If you do come across an emergency be sure to get in touch with your vet and know your vet’s holiday hours.


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