5 Weird Things Pets Do

1. Spying

Do you ever feel like your cat is spying on you or the neighbors?

Spying is a unique behavior cats excel at. Cats are known to stare out the window for hours keeping tabs on on the neighborhood watch. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to find your cat staring intensely at you. Spying is part of your feline roommate’s instinctive behavior.

2. Hiding in small and hidden spaces

Cats are notorious for hiding in boxes, closets. Drawers, under the bed, bathroom sinks, even the washer or dryer! Why is that? This is another instinctive behavior of the feline species to seek shelter from predators . Her feline ancestors sought secluded spaces to birth their kittens. Cats like to seek the quietest places away from the chaos of the environment. Your cat can get a good day’s sleep in a quiet area in your home. Adult cats sleep an average of 12-20 hours a day!


3. Poop Eating

Makes you sick just thinking about it right? So why do dogs eat poop? First reason he may be trying to clean his space. Some dogs eat feces as an act of cleanliness. This is an instinctive behavior female dogs when taking care of a young littler of puppies in order to keep the den clean. Second reason, his food may not be meeting your pup’s nutritional needs. He many need more nutrients to support his diet. 

4. Bathroom audience 

Dogs and cats don’t exactly respect boundaries. You may have an audience in all different areas of the house, while your in the kitchen, watching tv, or things more personal as going to the bathroom and having sex. It can be unsettling to have your dog or cat staring at you as you sit on the toilet. My cat Sage has gone as far as peeing in the sink while I was using the rest room. It did give me a good laugh. If the idea of a canine or feline audience bothers you there is nothing wrong with teaching your pet you need some personal time. 

5. Destruction when you leave the house

 Uh oh you just came home and Fido left you a messy surprise! Some dogs with separation anxiety get agitated and depressed when their mom or dad leave. Usually right after you leave they may start barking and howling. Some dogs chew on door frames, window sills, destroy household objects other than their toys. If you find that your dog is destructive, the first step toward curbing the behavior is to consult with a vet.



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