Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is adopt a senior pet month. November is a month dedicated to helping older pets find loving homes.

Senior animals spend the longest time at shelters and rescues, and tragically, animals past the age of six or seven are often deemed unadoptable solely because of their age. Both dogs and cats of advanced age have higher euthanasia rates than their younger counterparts since they struggle to find homes. They can often live out the rest of their lives in the shelter, homeless and alone.

Most people walk into a shelter to adopt a young puppy or cat and overlook the senior pets who have just as much love to give.

Adopt a Senior Pet Month each November is a holiday to encourage families to stop and say hello to some of the older dogs and cats.

Many senior animals that end up in shelters were cherished companions of elderly people who died or had to move to an assisted living facility. Also economic hardships can force a family to no longer be able to care for a beloved pet.

Benefits Of Adopting A Senior Pet

  • Seniors are typically calmer and less energetic, making them easier to handle. They also cause less trouble.
  • Some are already fully trained and easier to train than a puppy.
  • Less demanding.
  • They are even more lovable – older animals will appreciate their new family, once they feel safe in their new environment.

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