Benefits Of Omegas 3, 6, and 9 For Dogs and Cats

Omegas are not only beneficial for human they play a vital role in the well being of our pet. In this blog we are going to share the benefits of each omega found in Ultra Oil skin and coat supplement. Omegas 3, 6, and 9. Dogs and cats like humans are unable to produce essential fatty acids in sufficient quantities on their own. Which is why it is important to add an omega supplement to your pet’s diet.

 What are Omegas?

Omegas are the essential fatty acids that play a vital role in your pet’s bodily functions, from cardiovascular health, to skin and coat, and joint health and inflammation.


Omega 3:  Found in our anchovy and sardine oil

  • Immune health: Positively affect the immune system by keeping illness away
  • Allergy Relief: A game changer for allergies with anti-inflammatory properties to reduce symptoms of itchiness and redness.
  • Shiny coats and healthy skin: Nourish and reduce dryness in itchy skin.
  • promote proper brain function and cognitive health
  • Heart health, contains EPA and DHA beneficial for health hears and cardiovascular system. Lowers blood pressure.
  • Joint support, helps increased joint mobility and comfort.

Omega 6: Found in our hempseed and flaxseed oil

  • Healthy skin and coat: Omega 6 is essential for maintaining a protected skin barrier and promoting a glossy coat.
  • Supports cognitive function: Maintains health of nervous system ad aides proper brain development
  • Anti- inflammatory properties: Helps regulate immune response and can assist managing inflammation such as allergies and arthritis
  • Reproductive health: Support the development of healthy fetuses during pregnancy and nursing dogs.
  • Energy metabolism: Vital for maintaining a healthy active lifestyle.

Omega 9: found in our hempseed oil

  • Heart health: Help regulate cholesterol levels
  • Reduce inflammation and alleviates joint pain and stiffness
  • Skin and coat health: Contributes and supports to a healthy looking coat and hydrates skin.
  • Weight management: Helps regulate metabolism and can support weight control.
  • Improved immune system: Helps fend off various illnesses.

Understanding the benefits of adding omegas to your pet’s diet to the key to a proactive, happy, and healthy life for your dog or cat. In comparison to most fish oil supplements on the market, Ultra Oil offers greater holistic and deeper healing properties. Our product contains a healthy balance of not only Omega 3 and Omega 6, but also Omega 9. Many fish oil supplements do not include Omega 9, which leaves Omega 3 and Omega 6 unable to be fully absorbed.


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