Celebrating Halloween with Your Pet

Celebrating Halloween with Your Pet

October is here and Halloween is around the corner. Things may be different this year but we can still celebrate the season with our four legged best friends. There are many ways to celebrate October and Halloween festivities with your pet. We have listed a few fun activities for your family and pets to participate in whether they are a social butterfly, or more on the shy side everyone can be included this Halloween.

Dress them in a pet Halloween costume, and take a pet selfie.  Even though many of us may be staying at home this Halloween, we wont let that stop us from having a good laugh with our dogs and very patient cats. 

We have the technology to share our cute costume poses and ideas with our friends and community through social media.  First pick out a costume your pet wont mind wearing. Make sure the costume is comfortable for your pet and does not restrict movement. Avoid any edible pieces. 

Outgoing dogs may want to take a stroll around the neighborhood with you on Halloween and show off their costume.  Get some fun halloween dog and cat treats for your pet at a local shop. Pet’s love a squirt of ultra oil on their pet friendly treat. Do not share human treats or candy with your pet.

It is recommended to keep cats, especially black cats indoors during Halloween, and a few days prior. Be safe and alert there are pranksters out on Halloween.

Look up your local pumpkin patches.  If pumpkin patches are open in your area, and are dog friendly, it can be a fun excursion to take your family and fido on a stroll at a local patch and choose a pumpkin to carve together.

Watch a scary movie with your pet.  For cats and dogs that prefer to stay home and avoid any noisy out door activities pop some popcorn and cuddle up for a Halloween scary movie night. The presence of your dog can make you feel safe even watching the scariest movie. 


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