Gratitude is a Magnet

I believe in the power of gratitude. How recognizing and being grateful for both successes and failures would lead to more gratitude and a better perspective on life. I didn’t always think this way though… and years ago after losing my job, I became very depressed.  Although, I had a college education, I didn’t feel like I had acquired any skills that would truly be of value to an employer.  This was a rough time in my life and only when I started to focus on the gratitude of life did my mindset drastically shift.

I slowly realized I had actually gained so much from this experience of losing my job and all the nurturing from my parents showed me how to live a healthy and balanced life.  I started to look around at my life and see all of the strength and positivity that actually surrounded me. My relationship with my then girlfriend (now wife!) was one that brought out the best in both of us. I lived in America , where there is more opportunity than most places on the earth. 

As I turned my focus on all the things there were to be grateful for, it became much easier to pick myself up. Instead of withdrawing from the world, I positively projected myself out. I soon found a job in sales, which while not my dream job, helped me learn. I remember the first day as I began cold calling leads on the phone and having an “ah-ha” moment.  The lightbulb that went off in my head, alerted me to how crazy it was that I could just call businesses you had never spoken to and introduce your product.  I realized how this was magic and how you could start a business!

As time went on, I eventually realized that magic by becoming the owner of Ultra Oil.  Inevitably, day after day of sales would get monotonous, and sometimes I would find myself on auto-pilot.  But whenever I reconnected to the sense of gratitude and that the dream I had worked for had actually came true… it became so much easier to restart having fun! I actually loved sales calls for the chance it gave me to connect with people

I truly believe that by focusing on gratitude and having a grateful mindset has been the key to attracting positive relationships, a healthy lifestyle and a successful business.


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