Health Benefits of Dog Grooming

Health Benefits of Grooming 

Grooming is essential in maintaining your dogs health and vitality. Ultra Oil for Pets will help with skin or coat issues and daily nutritional needs for your pet. Regular grooming is also key for a shiny healthy coat. 

If you prefer to groom your dog at home the four basic things to remember are: 1. Brushing 2. Bathing 3. Teeth cleaning 4. Nail cutting 

Brushing Dogs and cats require regular brushing to remove debris and help minimize daily shedding. It helps free tangles and evenly distributes oils through their coat. Brushing gives you or your groomer the chance to observe any skin related issues bald patches, bleeding, lumps, and parasites such as fleas and ticks. 

Bathing The most common reason to bathe a dog is to remove unpleasant odors and dirt that has accumulated on their body. The benefits of frequently brushing your dog should help minimize baths about once a month for your dog. If you are not going to go to a groomer it is recommended to use a high quality shampoo for dogs to minimize skin irritations. (Never use human shampoo) 

Teeth Cleaning Daily dental care can help to avoid the build up of bad bacteria, chewing also helps keep teeth and gums healthy and is natural behavior for a dog. Progress slowly at first, by allowing the dog to lick and sniff the toothpaste, specially made for dogs (never use a human toothpaste). Use fingertips to begin with and gradually work towards using a dog toothbrush. 

Nail Cutting A professional groomer or veterinary is recommended. They know exactly how short to cut your pets nails without causing bleeding or pain. Long nails can cause problems and discomfort in walking and should be maintained according to each dog’s individual needs, generally once a month. 

Lastly, a daily pump of Ultra Oil For Pets in your dog’s meal will keep their skin and coat shiny and healthy. 


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  • Thank you for the idea about brushing dogs and cats frequently to help reduce daily shedding and remove contaminants. It helps release knots and evenly distributes oils throughout their coat, as you said. Grooming our furball at home has become somewhat of a problem as it grows into a fluffy monster. I mean, my boyfriend and I gave it our best go, but it ended up looking messy. We gave up and are now searching for a trustworthy dog grooming business to deal with the hair problem.

    Taylor Abrams

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