How I Overcame My Fears to Become a Business Owner

Ever since I was a kid, I seemed to have business in my blood. When I was in first grade, I remember noticing a five-dollar bill and really liked the way the numeral “5” appeared in a bubble style font. I decided right then and there that I would save up my $.25/week allowance until I could cash in for a $5 bill. I don’t think I even spent a penny until I had reached my goal! 

This business-savvy spirit continued all throughout my life from 3rd grade, where I use to wheel and deal for pencils and stickers, to Junior High, where I would go to the arcade and buy $5 worth of tokens so I could get the bonus of 4 free tokens. Then I would stand beside the machine as everyone came to buy 4 tokens for a dollar and would ask each person if they would buy them from me instead of the machine. For every 4 customers, I would make a $1! 

For me, business back then was such a joy and has continued to be a joy to this day. I’m lucky I plugged into that positive emotion at such a young age when joy was still in abundance. Finding that joy amidst the fears and obstacles of being my own boss has been one of my secrets for having such a long lasting business. Whenever things get overwhelming and the task list starts to look daunting, I find it helpful to take a moment and reconnect to that joy. Reconnect to the same eagerness I felt when I first dreamt of a business and the possibility of what my future could be as an entrepreneur.  Long story short; even after getting into the routine of running a business, I never lost touch with the dreamer who started it all.  

As a business owner, I do feel constantly bogged down by a million things I have to do. One way I’ve learned to overcome feeling stressed out is to tackle one task at a time by giving it my undivided attention. The concentrated effort takes the power away from the initial panic and allows me to funnel all of my creativity and willpower to create the best solution possible. And as I begin making headway, that feeling of confidence and eagerness comes back... before you know it, I'm back to checking things off the to-do list with pride.  

Another feeling I get as a business owner (and as a human being!) is frustration when I’m stuck in a situation and don’t know a solution to the problem. Over the years, I’ve learned the power of relying on others to help me out of those situations. There is so much power in asking for help, and I have no problem picking up the phone to call someone who may know or reach out to a new resource on the internet. This tactic helps solve these problems much faster!

Even after all of these years later I am still that young boy, proud to be in charge and running his own business. Ultra Oil has helped me feel fulfilled and happy, and I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings to the business and our supportive community.

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