How To Feed A Picky Cat

Is your cat turning his nose up during mealtime? In our attempt to please our cat we can turn them into food critics , many cat experts will tell you picky cats are not born, they are made.

Most cats do not like a change in their environment and that includes changing their food. Many cats experience this and the term is called neophobia, a strong dislike for unfamiliar foods.

1. Create A Designated Feeding Area

It is important to have your cat’s litter area away from their food. Just like humans cat’s prefer not to have their waste station is the same place they eat. Cat’s are very cleanly creatures, naturally. So this may create a problem with using the litter box or eating their meal. Also cats are not social like humans when it comes to meal time. Place their food in a quiet space. If you have more than one cat give them their own feeding areas. This will give your cat a sense of safety.

2. Do Not Add Treats Or Medications To Your Cat’s Food

Some medications have a very bitter taste , mixing it up in their food can give them a strong dislike of the flavor they used to enjoy. Your cat may start to associate their food with the bitter taste. Adding treats to their main dish is a bad idea. Treats are tasty and high in calories they may no longer enjoy their regular food when you mix it with their treats.

3. Use Variety At A Young Age

Cats are sensitive to shapes, textures, and size. It is a good idea to try a variety of different recipes at a young age. Adjusting the way you feed your cat can help prevent a picky eater. Switching up the foods can help keep mealtime exciting. Feed your cat both dry and wet food two or three small portions a day. Wet food helps ensure hydration.

4. Check For Illness

Cats will stop eating when they are ill. If your cat suddenly has a decrease in appetite or she is picky about eating all of sudden consult with your Veterinarian. Many Feline illnesses start with a decline in appetite. Especially if you have a senior cat check with your veterinarian before switching their diets. 


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