How to Get a Finicky Pet to Take Ultra Oil

We all know how hard it can be to encourage pets to eat their supplements, and while the majority of our community tells us how much their animal enjoys Ultra Oil, that’s not the case for every dog or cat! 

What we suggest for cats specifically is a pretty easy solution. Try putting a few drops on their paw and they will most likely lick it off, due to the grooming instinct. After a few days of licking the drops off, most cats will get accustomed to the flavor and then accept it with their food. 

A great trick for both dogs and cats is to add a few drops (not a full dose) to your pets’ favorite treat. Normally, since they love the treat enough, they will ignore the Ultra Oil (or any other supplement) flavor and continue to eat the treat. Once again, when your pet gets used to the flavor, they will begin accepting it with their food. 

Lastly, while we don’t make a capsule form yet of Ultra Oil, you can always get some empty gel-caps and make your own. If you hide them in your animals food, they will not even notice! Bon Appétit. 😊

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