How to Keep Your Pets Comfortable During Winter

If you’re like us and can’t wait until the warmer days of spring are here, winter can sure feel like a drag! Lucky for us, the warmer days are approaching quickly, but until they fully arrive we want to provide a couple tips for keeping your pets comfortable during the colder days of winter. Many pet owners are mistaken in thinking that just because their animal has fur they can tolerate the cold winter months better than us humans. This actually isn’t always true for our beloved pet friends. 

Our first advice would be to gage the temperature outside, if it’s too harsh and cold for you to go outside without protection then it is probably too cold for your furry friend as well. Even though they may have a thick coat, their sensitive spots are located on their nose, ears and hairless belly. The Humane Society states, “No matter what the temperature is, windchill can threaten a pet's life.” Which is why we recommend monitoring the amount of time spent outdoors, and even considering putting on a sweater to cover short-haired dogs.

Some other tips we suggest is to consistently groom your pet. A well-groomed coat will keep your buddy properly insulated. Check their paws during the winter months as many dogs can suffer from cracked pads during the harsh months. Another tip is to trim the fur between the paws if you live in a snowy region, so ice does not build between their paws.

Since there is a lack of vitamin D during the winter months which can lead to a deficiency for our furry companions (this affects us humans too). To combat this problem, try walking your buddy when the sun is out to get as much exposure as possible. Ultra Oil can also be used as a supplement to help balance the nutrient deficiency of the harsh winter. The balance of the oil’s omegas will keep your dog’s cells and coat nourished and shining during this harsh time. 

Final tip, always remember to hydrate your friend just as much as you would during the summer. And make sure to use only plastic food and water bowls so your pet’s tongue doesn’t accidentally get frozen. Hope these tips help you get through the final months of cold… and just remember there are only warmer days ahead!

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