How To Prepare For A Petsitter

It’s not always easy taking a trip and leaving our four legged best friend at home. When we do take a trip there are a few things we can do to make sure our pets have a smooth transition while mom or dad are gone. 

Number one is to find a pet sitter you trust, and will shower Fido with extra love and attention. Cats and birds do best in their home. Dogs are more flexible and can go to the pet sitters home. 

Make a list of pet essentials, food, treats, supplements, enclosure, feeding dishes, sleeping arrangements, kitty litter, outdoor walking equipment, toys, and medicine. Make sure you provide enough food and medicine for the days you will be gone plus a few days extra in case of delays. Your pet may have a preference where they eat and drink from, make sure to send these items with your sitter. 

Sleeping arrangements is a must for dogs. Provide their bedding, pillow, blanket or crate gives them a piece of their home to curl up with. Even an old t-shirt with your scent on it, can help soothe separation anxiety. 

Provide out door equipment. It is important your pet sitter has essential safety equipment for going outdoors such as harness, leash, and doggie bags. 

Familiar toys are great for providing familiarity and helping your pet feel more comfortable while you are away. 

Make sure to leave a detailed note. Your pet sitter is going to need to know what to expect. Write down your pets name, unique behaviors, and daily routine. Also include in the note a list of names of trusted friends or neighbors as an emergency contact. 

Most of all communication and preparation are keys to successful and safe experience for you and your pet.

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