How To Treat Dry Skin On Dogs

Watching Fido itch and scratch all day is not only annoying for you but very uncomfortable for your four legged bestie. How can you help your dog stop scratching, itching and bring more moisture into his or her coat?

We are going to share with you the top five tips to relieve your dog from dry itchy skin but also bring the shine, silky, and softness back to their dull coat. Being consistent with these suggestions should help your dog maintain a healthy skin and coat for life.

1. Ultra Oil Skin and Coat, Omega Oil

Ultra Oil skin and coat supplement has been carefully formulated to bring your pet an essential blend of nutrients they need for a healthy skin and coat. What makes Ultra Oil so special is balanced omegas. The ingredients in Ultra Oil are hempseed, sardines and anchovies, flaxseed oil and grape-seed oil. The balance of omegas 3, 6, and 9 are essential for skin and coat health. Ultra Oil is the most balanced oil because our primary ingredient is hempseed oil.  Hempseed oil is known as mother nature’s most balanced oil. The omega 9 helps the omega 3, and 6 absorb properly. A fish oil supplement alone is missing the proper balance of Omega 9 and therefore, the Omega 3 & 6 are not able to be fully absorbed. OMEGAS WORK TOGETHER TO BE ABSORBED INTO THE BODY.

How To:

Just add a small amount of Ultra Oil on your pet's food each day and experience relief from dry itchy skin, dull coat, hot spots, dandruff, allergies, skin bumps, excessive shedding, and digestive issues.

2. Oatmeal Bath

Seasonal allergies and a dry environment can cause your dog to have dry, itchy, flakey, sensitive, and inflamed skin. A solution is an oatmeal bath. An oatmeal bath can relieve dry irritable skin and is filled with vitamin E. Your pup will feel softer and look shinier after a bath.

How To:

1: Grind 1 cup of whole oats in a food processor.

2. Take the ground oats pour into water and stir.

3. Put your dog in the tub and put the oatmeal on top of your dog’s fur. Rub it in.

4. Let is sit on your dog for 10-15 min.

5. Rinse and towel dry.

6. The oatmeal bath with leave a protective layer on the skin throughout the week.

3. Apply Coconut Oil To Fur After Bath

Massaging coconut oil onto your dog’s fur will help alleviate dry itchy and flakey skin. It nourishes the dry skin and hair. It can prevent skin infections and lock in the moisture after a warm oatmeal bath. You can also add a few drops of coconut oil to your dog’s shampoo for some extra silkiness.

4.  Grooming and Brushing

Brushing your dog regularly helps enhance skin oil production, and promotes hair follicle growth. Invest in a quality brush. Brushing helps your dog’s dry itchy skin and excess flaking and shedding. Short haired dogs should be brushed weekly and long hair daily.

Use a slicker brush than has fine aluminum bristles that pick up hair really good.

Brush thoroughly, pay less attention to the head and neck. Use along the body to brush out dead skin and fur.  Note if your dog has dandruff the dandruff will look a bit worse or start to appear because you are removing excess fur such as the winter coat.  Allowing old dry fur to just sit on your dog is not good for their coat. It can get dry and irritating for your dog.

5. Protein Diet

A lack of protein and nutrients can result in a dry itchy coat and skin issues for your dog. A dog’s coat is 90% protein. High quality protein is essential for skin and coat health. When purchasing dog food look for protein such as chicken, fish, beef or lamb as the primary ingredient. Also look for food with few fillers or additives.


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