Isn’t it strange that when you think about isolating, it’s mainly the desire to push all the humans of the world away?


So weird that when I feel that way, I have absolutely no problem with my dog being present with me. I actually prefer her to be with me.


I think it’s because I can be and feel the EXACT way I need to be and feel without any fear of judgement or having to suppress what’s REALLY happening for me.

If I am totally honest, I don’t think anyone has held more space for me to heal and process than my girl Luna.

So here’s the most amazing companion a human can ever know Luna the rockstar. Self proclaimed therapy dog. Anyone out there who knows Luna can attest. There have been so many times in the groups I run or the personal therapy sessions I hold, where she has come over at the exact moment to help someone feel their heart and have a break through.

It’s incredible.

I think we all could learn a lot from out animals of the planet during these times.

Let’s just take a minute to thank all our pets this holiday season.

How does your pet support you?

- Brandon, Marketing Director of Ultra Oil For Pets


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