Summer Safety Pet Guide

Summer is here! Tis the season to be outside and enjoying the warmer weather. Of course we want to bring Fido along to enjoy the summer festivities with us. We have looked up some of the best tips to keep your furry best friend safe during the warm summer months.

1. More pets are lost on the 4th of July than any other day. Take photos of your pet so you have the most recent images in case you need to put signs up.

2. A pet is 20 times more likely to be returned with tags and microchips.

3. Protect pets from the sun with pet friendly sun protector.

4. Keep them on a leash and harness while outdoors.

5. While traveling bring plenty of water. You can find collapsable bowls or portable sport bottles for your pet.

6. Bring plenty of food while traveling, no human food.

7. Hide any dangerous hazards such as fireworks, insect repellant, lighter fluid, matches and glow sticks.

8. Exercise and have fun with your pet. Tire them out before summer festivities so they can relax .

9. During the warm summer months the best tip is if it’s warm for you than it is warm for your pet. Stay inside during the hottest part of the day. If you touch the asphalt and it is to hot to touch for you it is going to be too hot for your pet.

10. Be aware of swimming pools, lakes, rivers and streams. Some dogs love water and they migrate to it. They should never be unattended by a body of water.

11. Pet’s should never be left alone and unattended in the warm summer months. If they are left alone for a short amount of time there needs to be some kind of shelter shielding them from the sun and plenty of water.

12. The biggest hazard and most dangerous is to leave a pet alone in an unattended car.

13. Make sure you have preventive medication to protect your pet from fleas and ticks.

14. If there is a hot grill in the backyard make sure your dog does not get to it to prevent a hazard. Anything that is hazardous to a child is most likely hazardous for your pet.

If your pet does get into something or an accident happens it is best to know your resources before hand in case of an emergency and get your pet to their veterinarian. At least make a phone call. Locate your nearest emergency veterinarian hospital that is open after hours and  during holidays and weekends.

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