The Benefits of Service Dogs

There’s no question that coming home from a stressful day can be instantly relieved as we're greeted by the excitement of our tail wagging best friends. All of the tough decisions and stress from the day just melts away when we see their happy faces.

If you ask, any pet owner, there is no doubt their beloved pet plays a key role in their own happiness, companionship, and mental health. But did you know that owning or being around an animal is scientifically proven to have mental and physical benefits in people?

Therapy and emotional support animals are trained to provide support and comfort for those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma responses, PTSD, fears, and more. In addition, there are physical health benefits of pet therapy such as lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, and releasing endorphins. These all produce a calming effect, diminishing overall physical pain. The act of petting can even create an automatic relaxation response!

Our team recognizes the power of therapy animals which is why we are proud to partner up with Good Dog Autism. Below is a story from the founder, about his son Elliot and his service dog, Orbit.

“Elliot's service dog Orbit unlocked and unleashed our entire family. The lessons we learned in acceptance, unconditional love and deeper understanding are life changing. It's with great joy that we now share our experience and our teams’ expertise in autism service dog relationships. The results we are seeing through our programs across the country have been life-changing for all of us involved.”

Check out more info on Good Dog Autism here:


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