The Perfect Amount of Ultra Oil To Give Your Pets

You made the decision to purchase Ultra Oil to give to your furry friend, excellent move! In case you were wondering what the correct dosage is and how often you should actually be adding Ultra Oil to their diet... here is a quick guide.

Usage TableWe recommend giving your pets one serving of Ultra Oil mixed in with their food per day. Their weight will determine the actual amount of Ultra Oil given. For example, if your cat is 12lbs you would mix in ½ teaspoon into her food dish! If you have any other questions about Ultra Oil, feel free to reach out to us so we can help.

*In case you’re wondering if you can increase the dose, the answer is yes. Many people find even better results by using the same dosage, but increasing it to twice a day instead of once. We caution you though to slowly increase the amount in case your dog has a sensitive stomach. Dogs with sensitive stomachs may experience loose stool.

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