We at Ultra Oil strongly believe that the PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING.

Ultra Oil makes all the difference. Ultra Oil customers are so excited to see healing results with their dogs and cats. Every day we receive a review or story about their pups or cats healing journey. Our community knows sharing their personal story can help inspire others to try Ultra Oil and see results for themselves.

"Kiki’s first visit with us was on Oct 23, 2020. She came in for a 2nd opinion on her skin condition. She had been treated with Apoquel and Previcox and it seemed to help manage her allergies but she was constantly on antibiotics.

On May 14, 2021, the owner came into pick up a refill of medication and we sent them a bottle of Ultra Oil to add to her food.

June 30, 2021

She came in and the owner was so happy. The change in her medication and the addition of Ultra Oil helped her skin and her coat feels great. Kiki is a happy girl."

Darnell 7/27/21
Kapaau Veterinary Center Hawaii

"Baby's entire right hind haunches was raw from him constantly licking as assumed it itches. I spent so many $$$ trying to find a heal. Cortisone shots would only last 6..8 months!! Finally I decided to try Ultra Oil. As you can see in picture his hair completely grew back. It's softer and shines more than before. I highly recommend this oil! In fact will order another bottle soon. Plus the people who provide CS are the best. She heard my story and said if didn't work they would refund my money. Great product!! Great people!!" - Ultra Oil customer Marre shares her cat’s healing journey

“The vets said it was nothing to worry about and it got worse, and ultra oil combined with another product made his coat come back, and not only that, his coat is so silky soft and shiny, people comment on it. it’s rare to see 100% American Pitbull terriers with perfect coats given how many allergies and sensitivities they can have, and his coat is literally perfect. he loves the taste too, he will wait and look up at me at dinner time if i put his food down without his 3 pumps first !”- Ultra Oil customer Megan, on Saisons healing journey.


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