Tips For Finding A Pet Sitter

The Holidays are around the corner. You may have traveling plans this holiday season to visit loved ones, family or may be feeling called to visit a sunnier destination around the world.

It may be hard to plan around fido or your cats.  One way to have a more enjoyable stress free holiday vacation is to make sure your four legged best friend is taken care of and in good hands.

Most people love traveling with their pets yet if your travel itinerary doesn’t have pet friendly events you may need to find a trusted pet sitter to watch over your pet. Instead of boarding your pet at a kennel or burdening a friend or neighbor with your pet another option is to consider a pet sitter. There are professional sites where you can find a pet sitter who works for a company that is fully bonded and insured.

Client References

Before choosing a pet sitter ask for two or three references.  You will want to know if previous clients were happy with the services they received and if their pet was well taken care of.  If you choose to use a pet sitting service you should be able to check their reviews online.

Pre- Interview and Ask Questions

Schedule an interview or meet up so you can get to know your pet sitter.  Meet them in a public place before inviting them to your home.

If the interview goes well invite them over to meet your pet. Observe their interactions with your pet to make sure you and your pet are comfortable while your away.

Be aware of the kind of questions they ask so you can get a gauge how much experience they have as a pet sitter. Have a pen and paper, and questions you have ready.

Example Questions:

How much experience does the sitter have?

What training have they received?

What are the fees for the services you’re requesting?

What activities will the sitter do with your pet?

Does the sitter have a plan in case they experience an emergency and can’t care for your pet?

Follow Your Intuition

You will know in your gut if someone feels right or does not feel right. Don’t be afraid to say it’s not a good fit.  Take your time finding the right pet sitter.

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