Top Five Pet Friendly Cities

If you’re looking to move to the big city with Fido or planning a family vacation we looked up the top rated pet cities in the United States. Fasten your seat belts and bring your four legged co-pilot. We found plenty of places you and fido can play, walk, swim, eat, and explore together.



  1. Portland, Oregon

Portland has more dog parks than any other city in the U.S. Portland is very proud of their pet friendly status. Sellwood Riverfront Park is popular with canines who love water and getting their paws sandy. Forest Park is full of winding paths for leashed pups to enjoy, but the more adventurous outdoor lovers should fetch a map for Wildwood Trail.

When it’s mealtime, stroll over to Tin Shed Garden Cafe, which boasts a dog menu featuring chicken, ground beef or pork mixed with rice or sweet potatoes, and peanut butter banana ice cream for dessert.


     2.  San Diego, CA


San Diego is an excellent place to cruise the Pacific Coast with Fido’s head out the window. There are many popular dog friendly and leash free beaches in ocean beach, Del Mar, and Cardiff by the Sea. Fido can roam free, jump, and surf the waves with you. After you sun bathe with Fido stop you may want to grab a designer pizza pie at Pizza Port Ocean Beach.

Fiesta Island near mission beach is leash free where the waters are calmer on the bayside. Pet friendly kayaks are provided by  Aqua Adventures Kayaks & Paddleboards.

After an active day with Fido you can enjoy a pet friendly restaurant such as Sally's Fish House & Bar for a taster from Sally’s dog menu. Canine items include pupcakes, chicken and rice, crab cookies, and rawhide bones. 


     3. Seattle, Washington 


If your dog doesn’t like rain you may want to skip this city, but if Fido doesn’t mind getting wet this may be the place for you.  If it’s just you and Fido Seattle may be the destination for you. There are more dogs in Seattle than children. There is a Indoor dog park if you prefer not getting wet, and over 32 meet up groups for dog lovers. Also plenty of dog friendly businesses in Seattle. 



      4. Austin, Texas


If you love pet photos and outdoor adventures Austin is the place for you and Fido. It’s home to 35 pet photographers. Bow-Wow Bones is a local food truck that serves up plenty of natural treats for pups out on a walk. The temperature is perfect for dinning outside and most restaurants allow Fido on their patios. If your dog is a swimmer Red Bud Isle, is a swimming spot for dogs only. Or you can find your inner peace with Austin Doga, a yoga class you can take with your dog.


       5. Colorado Springs, Colorado


If you and Fido are craving outdoor nature adventure at the foot of the Rocky Mountains Colorado Springs is the destination for you. Not only are there plenty of dog parks, there are places like the Crags Trail through Pike National Forest, or Seven Falls, a canyon filled with beautiful waterfalls. You can hike through Garden of the Gods Park, allows leashed pups to explore 21 miles of hiking trails around vibrant red rock formations. 

After a hike Fido will sure be hungry and you can visit  Pub Dog Colorado the first and only dog-approved eatery and outdoor play park in the state.



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