Two Supplements… One Bottle

If you’re familiar with Ultra Oil, you most likely associate it with creating a healthy and beautiful skin and coat for your pet.  (We do advertise “skin & coat supplement” on the bottle, which is a dead giveaway).  ;) In addition to helping give your pets beautiful skin and coats, there is another side benefit of incorporating Ultra Oil into your pets diet! What you might not be aware of is how Ultra Oil contains the healthy omega fats which also can help relieve your animals joint pain.   

One way to think about joint pain is to imagine a rickety, rusty old bicycle chain.  Without proper care, you would pedal the bike and hear terrible cracks and crunches. But after you apply some lubrication? You’re back to that fluid, smooth movement! The healthy fats in Ultra Oil act as that lubrication in your pet's joint. They coat every cell to bring back the function and fluid movement in the animal’s joints. In addition, the omegas act as an anti-inflammatory, which relieves a major cause of joint pain.  So don’t be surprised if your pet not only has a shiny and luscious coat… but finds a new pep in their step after using Ultra Oil! And who knows, Fido just may start jumping off that couch again just like in the good ole' days.

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