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Pet parents are not able to avoid the aging process for their beloved pets. We can be proactive in maintaining our dog and cat’s joint health. One of the best ways to maintain your pet’s joint health is adding a joint supplement to their diet. 

Pets damage their joints and soft tissues in a variety of ways: injury, infection, growth defects, autoimmune disease, arthritis, and degenerative joint disease can cause sudden or slow and progressive changes to your pet’s body.

“The ends of most bones in your pet’s body are covered by a soft elastic tissue called cartilage. When cartilage wears down your pet can begin to age before your eyes going from an active vibrant pet to a pet crippled with pain. Joint fluid production is a component of a healthy joint. Glucosamine and Hydraulic Acid are important for joint fluid health and contribute to the flexibility of the cartilage surrounding the tendon and ligaments. 

Lack of joint fluid production is a common reason pets have joint dysfunction and pain. Dog’s and cats can produce inadequate joint fluid as a result of trauma or a result of the aging process. Tears and ligament damage can disrupt normal joint fluid production. The end result leaves a pet with stiff, creaky, dry joints that have reduced range of motion, joint pain and predisposed to arthritis.

It is recommended by vets, holistic practitioners and nutritionists to include Counter Protective Agents CPA’s to your pet’s diet. CPA’s are natural substances that benefit to reduce the effects of frame degeneration or injury in your pet. “ Dr. Karen Becker.

Signs and Symptoms of Joint Pain and Discomfort

  • No longer want to play fetch 
  • Limping during movement or getting up
  • Cats that miss their target when jumping from place to place
  • Cat no longer jumping on the counter or high places
  • Yelping or meowing when touched
  • Licking or chewing the skin over a joint
  • Pet reluctant to go up and down stairs or jump in the car
  • Slowing down on walks or lags behind on walks 
  • More of a waddle than glide motion when walking
  • Any diagnosed joint disease, arthritis, OCD, hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Back pain or soft tissue injury
  • Decreased range in motion in a joint

A joint supplement can reduce or eliminate the need for long term drugs with harmful side effects. It is important for every dog and cat to have good joint health throughout their entire life.

Ultra Oil for Pets is excited to announce our new product. 

Ultra Joint

Just like mom always knows how to make things better, Mother Nature has created the perfect remedies for your pets joint pain. Ultra Joint Supplement has harnessed that natural healing power by bringing together in one nutritional supplement, the best joint pain treatments known today. 

Relieve- brings relief through relaxing and softening the joint tissue

Boswellia and hyaluronic acid 

Reduce – the inflammation that causes joint pain

Ascorbic Acid, manganese gluconate, and ginger

Rebuild – with the critical building blocks for creating strong, flexible joints

Glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, and collagen. 

First your pet will experience the RELIEVING power of magnesium and hyaluronic acid to soften, lubricate and relax the joint tissue. Secondly, Ultra Joint works to REDUCE painful inflammation, by providing Boswellia, Ascorbic Acid & Ginger. 

Lastly, to restore the permanent vitality of your pets joints that Mother Nature intended, we provide the crucial nutritional building blocks (Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin & Collagen) needed to REBUILD the muscle, cartilage and ligaments of the joint. 

Click this link to head to the product page. No more lethargy, stiffness, trembling and tenderness. Put the pep back in your pet’s step and experience the joy of seeing them bounce and play around like the day you first met.








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