Ultra Oil for Exotic and Equine Pets

Ultra Oil For Pets is getting fantastic reviews not only for cats and dogs but amongst exotic pets as well.  We have many customers ask us if their exotic pets can use Ultra Oil too. The answer is absolutely! Pets such as ferrets, guinea pigs, pigs, goats, and horses are seeing amazing results with Ultra Oil skin and coat supplement. 

 Our hemp seed blend consists of flaxseed, grape seed, fish oil, along with the trace minerals and fat soluble vitamins that are critical for tissue repair and improves joint function due to the properties of the omega fatty acids. An equine therapist Julie Conkle tried Ultra Oil and noticed a great difference with promising results for improved bone and tendon healing in her horses and a noticeable difference in the shine of her horse Spartan’s coat.






Ferrets: “The albino is Mary Jane and the sable mitt is Edgar Allen Poe. They are both 2 years old. Our local feed and seed store had samples of your product and gave us one to try. Both our fur babies love it. We like the fact it contains no sugar. We are definitely going to keep buying it for them.”

Horses: The horses have given their approval! Julie Conkle an equine therapist checked back in with us to let us know her “ Our four legged equine friends were loving the taste of Ultra Oil and have started to see some benefits with their dry coats improving and improved bone and tendon healing ! We couldn’t be happier!”



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