Ultra Oil For Pets Ingredient Sourcing

We are very proud of our conscientious sourcing at Ultra Oil For Pets. Ultra Oil is “All Natural” "Non GMO" and completely “Human Grade”. What sets Ultra Oil apart is that it is made predominantly with hempseed oil; the single most balanced source for Essential Fatty Acids (and unfortunately, very rare to see in the US).   The blend also consists of flaxseed, grape seed, fish oil, along with the trace minerals and fat soluble vitamins that are critical for tissue repair.


Our hempseed oil is sourced from a Co- Op in Canada. 

They have a real emphasis on practicing sustainable agriculture. They do not apply chemical herbicides or pesticides. Hemp seed is one of the great crops that the nutrients can be put back in the soil that are taken out of the soil by other crops which has a lot of environmental benefits.

Grape seed and flaxseed are prominently grown here in the USA. Grape seed oil is a great source of antioxidants and used as a natural preservative for our product. 

We source the Sardine and Anchovy from a fishery in Peru. Sardine and Anchovy are richest in omega fish and the lowest in contaminants such as mercury, heavy metals, and some of the lowest fish on the food chain. The lower you go on the food chain the less the contaminates stay in the body.

Our company works closely with our fishery in Peru, where regulations are tight and the fish population has remained stable throughout the last decade. We support the fisheries doing it in an environmentally friendly and humane way. 

The fishery maintains very sustainable and humane fishing practices, using saline nets that are specially designed to exclusively catch smaller fish. This means that dolphins and larger water mammals are kept out of harm's way.

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