Ultra Oil Helps Maintain Your Cat’s Health

Ultra Oil For Pets is not only for dog’s but has had amazing results for maintaining the health of your cat. Cats don’t produce omega-3s on their own. This is a main reason to supplement your cat with Ultra Oil.

Ultra Oil soothes dry, flaky skin. The Sardines and Anchovies in Ultra oil have anti-inflammatory qualities which benefits cats. When cats with allergies or other sensitivities experience dry skin, they may scratch themselves, causing flakes and even raw spots. Omega-3’s reduce cytokines, the stimulators of inflammation. In addition to soothing your cat’s skin it also enhances the health of their coat. Many cat parent’s use Ultra oil to keep their cat’s fur shiny and smooth. 

Two of the most important compounds in omega-3 fish oil are DHA and EPA. DHA has benefits for animals of all ages, from kittens to senior cats. EPA’s anti-inflammatory effects are especially beneficial to older cats, especially those with chronic diseases such as arthritis.

Amount of EPA and DHA in Ultra Oil

EPA         =  550 mg/tsp

DHA        =  276 mg/tsp

High-quality fish oils are made from smaller fish like sardines and anchovies, which are richer in DHA and EPA. We source our fish from a fishery in Peru. The Sardine and Anchovy is wild-caught off the coast of Peru which has been among the top countries in maintaining populations of these fishes due to strict regulations for sustainable fishing practices. We choose Sardine and Anchovy because they are some of the lowest fish on the food chain while still being some of the richest in healthy omega fats. The lower you go on the food chain, the less the fish contain mercury and other toxins. 

The sardine and anchovies are a great source of taurine for cats. Taurine is an amino acid found primarily in fish, shellfish, meat and poultry.

For cats, taurine is necessary for brain, nerves, eyes, heart, digestion, immune function and fetal development. It has been common knowledge that cats need taurine, that it’s essential to be in their diet, and if not in their diet has to be added as a supplement.

The main ingredient in Ultra Oil is Hempseed. Hempseed oil is the perfect balance of unsaturated Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that cannot be found anywhere else.

Cats benefit greatly from hemp seed oil as a nutritional supplement. Hempseed oil is high in nutrients and especially high in essential fatty acids. Hempseed can be supportive to the cat’s brain, eyes, nervous system, skin and coat, as well as hip and joint health.

 Benefits of Hempseed Oil

 Skin Issues and Skin disorders

Reduces shedding

Allergy Relief

Provides joint support

Reduces inflammation

Anxiety Relief

Healthy Immune system

Lower LDL cholesterol levels


It is easy to add Ultra Oil to your cats meal. Add 1 pump to their food once a day.

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