What Is A Raw Diet?

The idea of feeding your pet the way they are anatomically designed to eat. The rise of life-threatening diseases has had pet owners find ways to treat their dogs naturally. A biologically appropriate diet.


A balanced raw diet is not just meat. It must contain all of their essential nutrients, muscle meat, organs, bones, and a little vegetarian to help them thrive.

Is raw right for your dog?

If your dog struggles with allergies, weight issues, and sensitive digestion, a raw diet may be the solution. Many pet owners are noticing amazing results turning to raw diet.

Feeding your pup nature’s raw ingredients will provide nutrients their bodies are designed to digest.

Many experts suggest that raw dog food is not suggested for every dog. Dogs suffering from kidney diseases or liver diseases should not be given raw food as it has high protein levels that become difficult for dogs to digest. Also, people who prefer to feed homemade raw food meal should see to it that the nutritional value of the meal is meeting requirements for their canine.

Pros of feeding the raw dog food

1. Can help make coats shiner

2. Helps develop stronger bones and muscles

3. Easy to keep track of what your dog is eating.

4. Along with homemade, options there are options of frozen raw dog foods

5. Raw food diet helps in getting the smaller and firm stool.

6. Helpful in managing your dog’s weight.

7. Some reports suggest that feeding raw dog food helps in curing and fighting cancer and other such diseases.

Cons of feeding raw dog food

1. The raw dog food contains larger fragments of bones which might be difficult for dogs to eat.

2. There are also cases where eating dog food has lead to gastrointestinal inflammation and infections.

3. Time-consuming to prepare the meals at home and more expensive

4. There are bacteria and parasites in raw bones and meat that leads to infection in dogs.

5. Raw dog food can be nutrient deficient for dogs that can trigger health problems in them.

6. Many experts suggest that raw dog food should not be given to dogs suffering from cancer or other such diseases as they are more susceptible to bacteria.

If you want to give your dogs raw dog food meal, then you must consult a vet to decide what is suitable for dogs.

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