Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

By , Trish Garth

Some cats have a reputation to be skittish or uninterested in their environment. This is not true for all cats. I have a Russian Blue cat named Sage and he loves to follow me , my partner and Luna, our dog around the house. Sage is not the only cat that does this many cats follow their owners into unusual places even the bathroom.

Reasons for following their owners are generally positive since they are domesticated.

1. Hunger

One of the most common reasons cats follow their human is to notify them their belly is grumbling and it’s meal time. If your cat is meowing while following you that generally means he or she is letting you know it’s meal time. Especially if they are following you around the kitchen. My cat Sage will go as far as being my alarm clock to let me know he is ready for breakfast.

2. Companionship

Cat’s are no longer seen as pest control for their household but are seen as a family member in today’s households. Your cat feels the same way about you and likes being around you. So you have a furry admirer that likes rubs, attention, and your companionship.

3. Curiosity

This may give you a laugh but some cats find humans entertaining and fascinating to watch. Your cat may entertain itself by watching what you do throughout the day and wants to tag along. You also may notice if your cat is not allowed in a certain room they get extremely curious about the space that is off limits. I keep one room off limits from Sage and now that I no longer let him in that room it is like a game to him to dominate and sniff around this off limits space.

4. Separation Anxiety

Anxiety is not just for humans cats and dogs have it to. Especially if they feel relatively close to you and you have taken a trip some where, they missed your presence. If you just came home from a trip and notice your cat is sleeping extra close to you, it means you were missed and it was a shock to them having you gone.

5. You’re Their Parent

Most kittens tend to follow their mothers everywhere. They learn everything from their mothers and they are their source of food and nourishment. Kittens learn to feel safe around their mothers. For many cat owners this relationship is mimicked. Especially if you adopted your cat a very young age. You may be a human but you take on the role of cat parent. Grooming, feeding, playing, and connecting. Your cat probably feels safest near you, some cats out grow this in adolescence but others will continue it adulthood. I myself am guilty of being a cat mom and spoiling my cat.

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