Why dogs lick and chew their paws?

Dogs occasionally lick their paws as a part of self grooming. When dog’s are constantly licking their paws this may be a symptom of a serious problem.

Flakes and dandruff in a dog’s skin is a sign of dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by the location or a seasonal issue due to weather.

Hot spots are caused by excessive licking of an area. It is a response to excessive itchiness and can happen over night. Causing hair loss and visible red, itchy spots

Bacteria infections are caused when the skin is damaged and normal surface bacteria overgrow.

Yeast Is another form of bacteria infection and contributes to odor, itchiness, and a greasy feel to the skin.

Allergies are a common symptom of itchy paws. Allergies can be caused by the environment, food, or an irritant that comes into contact with your dog’s skin. Redness, dark pigmentation, or brown staining on the paws from constant licking may be signs of allergies.

Pain caused by arthritis, inflammation, ligament sprains, bone growths, and fractures may cause a dog to lick their paws.

Anxiety and boredom is another reason for constant licking. Excessive licking is soothing for dogs, but causes hair loss, balding, and raised skin.

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