Why Is Exercise Important For Your Dog?

All dogs require some form of simple exercise. Playing ball or simple walk around the neighborhood is vital for your dogs health.


If dogs do not get exercise they can get extremely bored and unhealthy which can lead to depression, health problems due to obesity, and anxiety which leads to disruptive behavior.

Dogs need daily exercise. They typically bark less, stop chewing on valuable objects in the home, behave and listen better, are more calm and relaxed, which are huge benefits for pet parents and their dogs.

The amount of exercise a dog requires depends on many different factors, such as breed, age, size, body type, and overall health. Most dogs typically need 30 minutes to 2 hours of exercise daily.

There are days we are busy and can’t fit a long walk into our schedule. Providing at least a 15 minutes cardio vascular exercise such as fetch can pump up your dogs heart rate and provide mental stimulation to tire up their bodies and brain.

How do I determine how much exercise my dog needs?

Herding dogs such as Labradors, Collies, and Shepards require the most amount exercise because they work, and do lots of running around. 

Short nose dogs tend to require less exercise. Such as a pug or bulldog tend to not need a lot of exercise compared to other breeds.


As dogs get older their muscles start to slow down a bit, so they may require shorter walks. If your dog has any underlining health problems this can impact how much exercise your dog needs.,as%20much%20daily%20physical%20activity

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