Collagen for Dogs
How it improves your dog’s health

Collagen works well as a supplement for people looking to feel a bit more vibrant in their day-to-day lives. It is often used in skincare products, health foods, lotions, and vitamin supplements that some people take every day. Recent studies have shown that collagen can continue to improve not only our lives but also the lives of our dogs. As our furry friends get older, they may need additional help. You can provide that help by adding collagen into their diet with canine wellness products from Ultra Oil for Pets.

Simply put, collagen is protein. It is one of the binding agents that holds pets together. You can find collagen in their skin, muscles, tendons, bones, cartilage, and joints. In fact, nearly 30% of a dog’s total proteins are made up of collagen. It works as a wide-ranging multiuse protein that aids dogs in repairing tissue, healing wounds, improving digestion, and easing joint pain.
Most interestingly, collagen contains some promising anti-aging qualities that help dogs stay more active and healthy. However, as they begin to age, the internal production of collagen in their bodies starts to slow down. The older they get, the less collagen they naturally produce. Collagen is an important and necessary piece of a healthy dog’s physiology, and older dogs can benefit from collagen supplements as part of their wellness routine.
Collagen for dogs keeps their joints lubricated and their coat shiny. By adding collagen supplements to your dog’s diet, you can help them stay vibrant and active well into their twilight years. Collagen supplements can step in where naturally-produced collagen is failing internally, making your dog healthier and stronger.
One of the ingredients in our Ultra Joint Supplement is bovine collagen, which is sourced from the bones and connective tissues of cattle. It has properties similar to the collagen found in our own bodies. The added collagen is highly beneficial to dogs’ joints, skin, hair, nails, and overall health. Helping dogs stay in good health is crucial to keeping them in good spirits, which, in turn, boosts their owners’ good spirits as well.

Benefits of Collagen for Dogs

Collagen is partially responsible for so many essential internal functions. If your dog is getting older and losing their naturally-produced collagen, adding a collagen supplement to their diet is a great way to ensure that your dog gets what they need. Here are some of the more specific benefits of giving your dog a collagen supplement:

Joint Health Support

A dog’s muscles, ligaments, and tendons are mostly comprised of collagen. If that natural collagen starts breaking down, your dog’s joint health will start to deteriorate. Some of the signs of canine joint and mobility problems can be:
o    An increase in fatigue
o    A loss of appetite
o    An irritable demeanor
o    Canine depression
o    Stiffness in the joints
o    Difficulty moving around
o    Licking or biting at the affected areas
o    Limping
Every dog eventually goes through issues with their joints and mobility. It’s part of getting older, and dogs could use some extra help when they can’t move as well as they used to. A collagen supplement like Ultra Joint can assist in your dog’s internal collagen development and oil their joints, giving them a better physical outlook.

Mobility Increase

With the breakdown of natural collagen and, thus, a dip in your dog’s joint health, mobility is often the first to decline. Pet owners can get worried when their pets are lethargic, instinctively thinking that something may be wrong. A collagen supplement can boost your dog back into action by assisting in their overall internal health. Less stress is put on your dog’s joints, which greatly increases their mobility and gives them back a puppy-like zeal that they haven’t felt in years.

Decrease in Pain

Getting old hurts, and it’s no different for dogs. They aren’t as limber and lively as they once were, which is largely due to a decrease in natural collagen production. That loss in natural collagen could be a product of arthritis, tendonitis, or some other physical ailment that often affects older dogs. A collagen supplement can compensate for that loss of natural collagen and increase your dog’s quality of life.

Digestion Assistance

Collagen assists in the digestion process by breaking down proteins and supporting the health of the stomach lining. When that lining starts to break down, it can cause all sorts of digestive problems for your dog. Ultra Joint Supplement is easily digestible and helps soothe your dog’s digestive tract, making them healthier overall.

Fur, Nail, & Dental Health

A considerable amount of every dog’s skin is made up of collagen proteins. Natural collagen develops healthy skin, a shiny coat, strong nails, and firm teeth. As dogs get older, those traits begin to deteriorate. A collagen supplement can reverse the process. Your dog’s coat can get shinier, their skin won’t wrinkle, their nails won’t split as easily, and their teeth will stay firm and strong. Every dog deserves to feel their healthiest.

Increase in Appetite

We all want our pets to be healthy and well-fed. When our pets refuse to eat or start to eat less, it can signal an illness or another health condition. Collagen supplements are shown to increase a dog’s appetite and make them excited for food again. Ultra Joint Supplement’s peanut butter flavoring can get your dog’s appetite back and ease your worrying.

In short, collagen for dogs can improve your dog’s overall health, especially if your dog is older and less nimble than they once were. We want nothing more than to make our pets happy and keep them healthy. Collagen for dogs can do that by providing them with a key nutrient that they may be missing as they age.
Collagen is a crucial component of a dog’s healthy internal structure. As it gradually wanes in old age, collagen supplements can make up the difference and continue to foster your dog’s health. That way, they can get the most out of their years, feeling happier and younger without suffering unduly from the aches and stiffness of aging.

FAQs About Collagen for Dogs

Collagen is a protein that plays a very important role in maintaining a dog’s health and well-being. As natural collagen production slows down in old age, a collagen supplement can compensate for this loss and continue to promote a dog’s welfare. Collagen improves a dog’s physical health, makes them feel spry, boosts their appetite, and enhances their mobility.

You may want to consider giving your dog collagen supplements when they begin to show the physical signs of aging: a lack of mobility, joint pain, limping, loss of appetite, and more. If you begin adding collagen to your dog’s diet early enough, you may help your dog bypass the ailments of aging more effectively. The safest bet is to start adding collagen to your dog’s diet when you start sensing their growing pains.

It is always a good idea to consult with a veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet plan. Collagen is completely healthy for dogs, but your vet should be aware of your decision to start giving it to your dog. If they sign off on it, you can start adding collagen supplements to your dog’s food without any lingering fears of the protein’s viability.

Collagen is essentially the same for humans and pets, but you should only feed your dog a formula designed specifically for dogs to be safe. Collagen supplements intended for human consumption may have additional ingredients, like flavor additives and other nutrients. The collagen itself may be perfectly fine for your dog, but the additives might not. Stick to a formula meant for dogs—yours will thank you for it.

While collagen is considered perfectly safe for dogs, there can be some mild side effects, especially if your dog is already sensitive to new foods. Those side effects can include an upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, or a loss of appetite. Consult your dog’s veterinarian about the proper dosage to give your dog. You can decrease your dog’s chances of reacting poorly to the collagen by using a natural, high-quality collagen supplement like Ultra Joint.

A Company That Cares

Ultra Oil for Pets was started out of a love for animals. The ultimate goal was to develop products made from the best nutritional ingredients and natural sources. We love our furry little friends, and we want them to be at their healthiest. The positive benefits of natural ingredients are strong and worth exploring. Our products are cruelty-free, devoid of toxins, and all-natural. We want our pets to receive the best nutrients that nature can provide, and we strive for that level of success every day.

Ultra Joint’s Benefits

Ultra Joint Supplement was developed over several years with the express purpose of helping dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives with less pain in their older years. Ultra Joint has nine primary ingredients. Each does a different job, with all of them working together to ease your pet’s joint pain:

1. Glucosamine is a common ingredient in joint supplements.
2. Methylsulfonylmethane rebuilds the joint’s muscle and cartilage.
3. Chondroitin absorbs fluid into the connecting tissues to keep the cartilage healthy.
4. Boswellia reduces pain and supports joint health.
5. Collagen reduces arthritic pain and increases muscle mass.
6. Ginger extract rebuilds joint tissue and helps digestion.
7. Ascorbic acid reduces inflammation in the joints.
8. Hyaluronic acid allows the joints to move more easily.
9. Manganese gluconate is a natural pain reliever that helps heal joints.

Together, those nine ingredients work to improve the joint health of your pets. Ultra Joint is available for purchase on our website in an 8-ounce bottle, a 16-ounce bottle, or a 32-ounce bottle. Ultra Joint softens and lubricates the joints, reduces any inflammation, and restores your pet’s muscular vitality.

FAQs About Ultra Joint Suppliment

Ultra Joint Supplement uses all-natural ingredients, including collagen, glucosamine, Boswellia, and ginger extract to lubricate and ease your pet’s joints, reducing any aching and restoring their liveliness. It rebuilds muscles and ligaments, resulting in the return of your pet’s mobility and youthful exuberance. By giving your pet Ultra Joint Supplement, you can help them enjoy their old age.

Absolutely. Ultra Joint is completely safe for puppies starting at eight weeks old, as well as pregnant dogs. Its natural, wholesome ingredients ensure that your dog isn’t ingesting anything toxic.

Ultra Joint’s 8-ounce bottle is $22.99, the 16-ounce bottle is $35.99, and the 32-ounce bottle is $58.99. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

Ultra Joint typically lasts about 20 months after opening the bottle. Once the product has reached a 20-month shelf life, we recommend purchasing a new bottle.

Ultra Joint is primarily for animals dealing with debilitating joint and muscle pain that negatively affects their quality of life. Ultra Joint can also be preventatively used if given to high-energy animals who will likely be suffering from joint pain in the future.

Make Your Dog Feel
Like a Puppy

Glucosamine for dogs is a naturally occurring compound that works to make sure your dog’s bones and joints are moving properly. Once it starts to run out, your dog needs a boost to increase production again. Older dogs need some help from their best friends: us. We all want our pets to live long, fulfilling lives. By adding Ultra Joint Supplement to their diet, you can help their quality of life return and then watch them move like they used to.
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